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Anti-Cellulite massage oil


The special combination of essential oils together with Latvian plant extracts makes this product unique for use. Extracts of viburnum, white willow and sea buckthorn provide quick help to the skin in problematic areas. They locally improve metabolism, promote lymph circulation and fat breakdown in gentle, but efficient manner. Geranium and cypress essential oils take care of stable hormonal background and good mood, cinnamon oil is slightly warming and astringent, but grapefruit oil removes toxins and excess fluid. The warm and rich aroma helps to regain strength and joy of life



For massage and daily care of body parts affected by cellulite. Make a light massage until the skin becomes slightly pink and then massage a small amount of oil with light movements into the skin. It is recommended to use twice a day to get a stable effect.

Keep out of reach of children. Individual intolerance to any component is possible.

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