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Viburnum facial tonic


Natural, moisturizing and soothing tonic with viburnum extract for
problematic and acne-prone skin.
A great daily remedy in the fight against acne for oily and problematic facial skin with immediate effect. Viburnum flower and berry extract regulates sebum secretion, reduces pores and prevents the growth of P.acne bacteria. Lactic acid and malic acid soothe the symptoms of irritation and inflammation, D-panthenol and plant glycerine moisturize, soften and restore the skin's Ph balance. The antiseptic effect of chamomile and calendula quickly heals small wounds and prevents the growth of adverse skin microflora.



Moisten a cotton pad with tonic and cleanse the face along the massage lines twice a day – in the morning after waking up and in the evening before
bedtime. Then apply viburnum face oil.

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